Develop a multiyear plan to enhance your credentials. Specifically, in addition to… 1 answer below »

  1. Develop a multiyear plan to enhance your credentials. Specifically, in addition to the requirements of your professional preparation program, what other opportunities will you pursue (e.g., certifications, extracurricular activities, employment) to enhance your professional qualifications?
  2. How are teaching and coaching different? How are they similar? Within the public-school setting, should all coaches be required to be certified teachers? Certified physical education teachers?
  3. Should dodgeball be banned in physical education? What is your point of view?
  4. Fitness and health clubs have gained in popularity. However, more than one-third of health club members have a household income of more than $100,000 a year and the average income is over $80,000 a year. What can professionals do to reach more individuals whose income is less than the average and provide opportunities for them to be physically active?
  5. What is burnout? Why may athletic trainers be susceptible to burnout? What can be done to prevent burnout?
  6. Should health clubs be mandated to hire only certified fitness professionals? Explain your reasoning. If you believe that health clubs should hire only certified fitness professionals, from what organizations would you accept certifications and why?
  7. Sport tourism is big business. How does a sport event, large or small, impact the economy—either directly or indirectly—of a community, state, or country?
  8. Discuss how a background in physical education, exercise science, and sport can be an asset to individuals pursuing a diversity of sport media careers.
  9. How can professionals promote the development of values in their programs, regardless of the setting?
  10. What various strategies can be utilized to promote lifespan involvement of people of all ages, abilities, races and ethnicities, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds?