Health Resource and Policy Analysis Provide outlines for the following: 1 The most recent data avail

Health Resource and Policy Analysis 

Provide outlines for the following:

1 The most recent data available for US health care

expenditures is for the year 2008 Where did our US health care dollars go in

2008? What have you found about national health expenditures in 2008? How do

you expect this distribution of health care spending to change over the decade


2 Health insurance is a concept developed in the United
States and now appearing in many other nations of the world Its historyand
development is an interesting story Briefly trace the history of health
insurance in America, from the beginnings with Blue Cross up to the Managed
Care era

3 Professional workforce shortages currently being
experienced in hospitals and clinics across our nation are partly related to
insufficient production of qualified personnel That is the supply side of our
medical manpower challenges There are factors at play that significantly
influence the demand for health care as well Cite these key factors, and
briefly describe how each factor influences the demand for medical professionals

4 How do you feel about the rapid growth in Complementary
and Alternative Medicine (CAM) across America? Is CAM good for American health,
or is it a colossal waste of money and a danger to patients?