Consider the following questions when identifying and diagnosing the problem:… 1 answer below »

Week #3:pick a case from Harvard Business ReviewHackers case, Head Scarf Case or Airline Staff case

I. Identify and Diagnose the Problem

Consider the following questions when identifying and diagnosing the problem:

Is there a difference between what is actually happening and what should be happening?How can you describe the deviation, as specifically as possible?What is/are the cause (s) of the deviation?What specific goals should be met?Which of these goals are absolutely critical to the success of the decisionAre there any ethical considerations?Develop a diagram or flow chart to graphically illustrate the problemIdentify all of the stakeholders this problem impactsConsider content in Chapter 3 – The Organizational Environment and Culture and Chapter 4 – Ethics and Corporate ResponsibilityII. Generate Alternative Solutions (3) or more

Consider ready-made solutions or innovative solutionsIdentify 3 possible alternatives to address the problemConduct research on other companies and the alternatives they implemented to address the problem.Consider the content discussed in Chapter 15-Innovating and ChangingFormat Guidelines

-Cover page – with name of case, student name and date

-Table of Contents

-12 point font, Times New Roman

-List the stage – followed by the discussion in essay format; incorporate tables, graphs, or charts to illustrate your points that YOU have created. DO not cut and paste tables, graphs, or charts from external sources.

-Include content from the textbook and (5) external sources as APA in-text citations

-Separate References page (minimum of (6) sources)