GEB 3373 â?? Homework 2International Trade AgenciesSome countries believe in a free market for inter

GEB 3373 – Homework 2International Trade AgenciesSome countries believe in a free market for international trade. Others impose tradebarriers to protect their domestic economies. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade(GATT) was created to negotiate these types of differences among nations. This agreementwas originally negotiated in 1947 and started operations in 1948 with about 20 countries.Today, the membership of GATT involves more than 120 countries. The overall goals ofGATT are to promote international trade through negotiation and to make world tradesecure among nations possible thaw.Recent GATT negotiations included guidelines for the protection of intellectual propertyrights. GATT is continually changing as additional countries join the program and newtrade agreements are negotiated.The United Nations, and international organization that promotes cooperation amongcountries, is actively involved in global business. Economic development of less developedcountries is a major concern of the United Nations. The organization also assist businessesin obtaining loans, sets safety standards for products sold internationally, regulatesinternational telecommunications, and promotes cooperation among postal services indifferent countries. Economic and political information about the nations of the world canalso be obtained from the United Nations.The International Court of Justice, established in 1946, settles disputes between nationswhen both nations request the service. Decisions are based on written evidence, as no juryis used. Additional evidence may be requested before a decision is rendered. This courtalso advises the United Nations on various aspects of international law.Complete the activity below, based on what you learned about international businessorganizations. Do some Internet research to help you answer these questions.How do countries benefit by the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)?Describe a situation that might come before the International Court of Justice.Go to the website of the United Nations. What information and services are offeredthat would be useful to companies involved in international business?Guidelines:• Attach one MS Word Document for all responses; do not upload several documents.Do not copy questions in report to avoid high similarity when submitting viaTURNITIN.COM• All submissions must be written in students’ own words.• Any instances of plagiarism will result in:– First Offense: Zero, with no opportunity to resubmit– Second Offense: “F” in the course.– Third Offense (in this or any other course): Expulsion from FNU.• Every response must be properly cited following APA.• Grade Distribution:– Content: 50%– Grammar: 25%– Citation: 25%• As noted by this distribution, citations are worth 25%. Without a proper citation, thehighest grade possible would be a 75% (100 – 25= 75), which is a C, and that‘s assumingthat the content and the grammar were absolutely perfect. Therefore, please do notdisregard the importance of citing your work.• The only APA rules that must be followed are:– Title page– Running Head Header on first page– Headers on all other subsequent pages– In-text cites for all material referenced– Reference list / page– All other APA rules are to be disregarded• A list of websites is provided in EXTERNAL LINKS to assist with plagiarism and APA.• The Writing Lab can provide tutorials, training, support with writing skills and the rulesof citations. The lab is located on the 4th floor of the Hialeah Campus.• Students bear the responsibility for acquiring college-level writing skills. Seek the helpthat you need, and you will succeed.