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1.00? nd found that they expect i” src=”https://files.transtutors.com/cdn/qimg/3e58f2dd3fdd4c56a8b31637d89bcbb3.jpg” aria-describedby=”hpk”>

Hi please show work, thank you!

du now examinilly product variation can be allo of o is required to yield a PCI Z 1.00? 1 > 1.00? nd found that they expect its product company believes that the long-term present production processes is o = 0.022 kil 7mm HB#2 8. A company has just surveyed its customers and found the to weigh between 1.2 and 1.3 kilograms. The company be vari gram. nability of meeting customer expec- a. Compute the process capability of the production process b. Does the production process have the capability of meeting cust tations? Why or why not? c. What must be changed so that its production process has the capability of pro- ducing products within customer expectations? d. What new level of o would make PCI Z 1.00? Or this 01 ore