Answer one of the following: 1. How does cinema works to reinforce dominant ways of understanding an

Answer one of the following:

1. How does cinema works to reinforce dominant ways of understanding and viewing the world? Expound by examining the formal and representational techniques used in films. Discuss in relation to at least two films from the syllabus (refer to film screening list).




2. To what extent does the reading of Laura Mulvey help you understand cinematic gender representation? Mulvey’s reading is specific to the Classical Hollywood cinema, is it applicable to Asian cinema and contemporary films? Argue your position with reference to films screened in the unit (refer to film screening list).



• All name of films mentioned in essay should be in italics

• In-text citations and reference list to be done in Chicago referencing style

• A videography is to be attached as the last page


PLEASE NOTE: ALL students are advised to keep a journal for their own study and revision purposes (see below) and are invited to participate in the film discussions. This weekly viewing journal is designed to help you enter into the practice of writing about your responses and reflections on what is often an ephemeral and transient experience — watching a film. By consistently entering brief viewing notes, cross-referenced with issues arising from the weekly readings, you should develop over the semester some interesting comments that can feedback into your other assignments.



There are certain established protocols for essay presentation that it is important for you to adhere to in this unit. Your essay needs to be presented as formal academic writing. Book, film, and journal titles should be underlined. Titles of articles from journals should be put into quotation marks. You are required to use the Chicago referencing style. A complete guide to Chicago and other referencing systems can be found on the library website at You should then provide a works cited list and videography at the end of your assignment.


A list of films mentioned and/or cited as example in your essay, in the order that you have mentioned them. Note: This is not (and it is different) from your reference list. Sample: The Usual Suspects. Dir. Bryan Singer. Perf. Kevin Spacey, Gabriel Byrne, Chazz Palminteri, Stephen Baldwin, and Benecio del Toro. USA. Polygram, 1995. Film. Title of film (this should be in italics), Directed by, Key Performers, Place of production, Name of production company, Year of production, Film.

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