Pick one of the two options – Juvenile Justice or Corrections. Answer the questions posed in the…

  • Pick one of the two options – Juvenile Justice or Corrections.
  • Answer the questions posed in the option.
  • Write a memo to the legislators named in the option making sure of the following
    • You may format it as you like but it must be clear who you’re writing the memo to, for what purpose, and when you did it.
    • It must have a normal 12 point font
    • 1 inch margins
    • Be single-spaced
    • Be no longer than 3 pages
    • Be free of grammatical errors
  • Save your document in Word. Please note that if you are using a Mac that there have been issues with Canvas accepting Word documents created by a Mac. It is your responsibility to upload the appropriate version of Mac Word to Canvas.
  • You will be graded on how well you explain your memo’s data display (i.e., graph or table) and how well these data displays answer the policy questions.
  • There must be a data display in your memo.
  • Any 3-d graphs will result in a zero for the project.
Document Preview:

Assignment 6 – Corrections    The Montana Legislature’s Interim Justice Committee wants to know if the Montana  Department of Corrections has final information regarding the success or failure of an early  conditional release program done in 2005. Specifically, they want to know how did the early  conditional release offenders compare to traditional release offenders with regard to  demographics and recidivism including how many were returned to prison, how many returned  with a new conviction, and how long it took to fail?. State Senator Frederick Milquetoast and  Representative Fitzpatrick Mahoney have asked the DOC for a memo updating them on these  matters, and you, as the Chief Analyst for the DOC, have been tasked with creating this memo.    Using the most recent data, your staff created the following raw table that summarizes the data  for the memo.  Variable  TPC (n = 2,365)  CRC (n = 1,589)  TPP (n = 1,250)  CRP(n = 464)  Male  82.2%  74.9%  89.0%  83.0%  Mean Release Age  35.0  34.1  37.6  34.1  Native American  16.7%  16.7%  15.9%  23.9%  Total Returned  34.2%  37.7%  35.3%  25.2%  Returned New Conviction  5.5%  5.3%  5.4%  5.8%  Mean Days to Failure  284.6  221.5  288.8  226.7  Median Days to Failure  197  184  206  155  TPC = Traditional Parole from Community, CRC = Conditional Release from Community TPP = Traditional Parole from Prison, CRP = Conditional Release from Prison    Write a formal summary of your findings following the Assignment 6 guidelines using the  appropriate charts or tables to answer the questions regarding the demographic and recidivism  statistics. Do not simply copy and paste the above table – you must create something new.