research the topic “Should Fake News Be Banned?” You may simply do a Google search for an article… 1 answer below »

Research Assignment #1: Debate Research on “Should Fake News Be Banned?” Part 1 Due 9/13 (no late work!); Part 2 Due 9/1844 unread replies.44 replies.


NOTE: This is a 2 part assignment. For full credit, you must complete both parts. Part 1 is due on Friday so that everyone has time to respond to your post. Part 2 is your response to the posts of others.

PART 1: Due Friday, 9/13

This assignment is to practice finding and analyzing research in service in an argument. For this assignment, you will research the topic “Should Fake News Be Banned?” You may simply do a Google search for an article or use the Pierce College Library Databases. (Links to an external site.) Proquest (Links to an external site.)is a great database for this topic because it gives you all recent articles from newspapers and magazines.

Once you have read a few articles, choose a side. Will you argue yes or no? Remember, you can always change your mind later.

Then, in the “reply” box, write 4 sentences where, using academic tone, you:

1. Clearly state the topic and the side you are arguing: are you arguing “yes” or “no”?

2. Quote and cite a sentence you found in your research (introduce that quote).

3. Paraphrase that quote (put it in your own words) in 1 sentence

4. Give one sentence of analysis that explains how or why the evidence proves your side (this should be different than the paraphrase).

Use this worksheetas a guide or see sample below:

What to Write:


I am going to argue that yes, fake news should be banned. The article tells us that to solve the problem of fake news, “if you are Singapore, you could just ban it” (Lu (Links to an external site.)). Singapore simply outlawed fake news. This proves my argument because it shows that other countries are not afraid to take this drastic step, so the US should not be afraid either.