imc 2 topic questions

TOPIC 1: Go to your local newspaper’s Web site (Washington, D.C.). Once there, assume that you are an advertiser seeking to place an advertisement with the paper. Attempt to find the advertising rates, size restrictions, availability of color, and any other useful information for placing an ad. Evaluate your search experience. Evaluate the attractiveness of the newspaper’s rates.

Be sure to list the rates and identify the newspaper including a link to it.

TOPIC 2: As indicated in your reading in week 6, the overall effectiveness of an ad is a combination of three variables.

List and describe these three variables.

Pick a print ad and demonstrate how these three variables can be used to determine the effectiveness of the ad.

Explain your assumptions and conclusions. Discuss the ad and your evaluation.

Use a minimum of two (2) references used and interact with at least one (1) classmate.