chapter five and six textbook review questions about the book quot graphic design solutions 4th edition by robin landa quot

You have to have the book and have read Chapter 5 & 6 of the book “Graphic Design Solutions: 4th edition by Robin Landa”

  • List just 3 of the classifications of the depiction of visuals.
  • In the context of the interaction between type and visuals, what does the term “supporting partner” mean?
  • Define this term: icon.
  • There are basic methods of describing form. How you describe form affects communication and expression. Explain the differences between the following terms:

Sharpness versus diffusion

Opaque versus transparent

Accuracy versus distortion

  • In your own words, define the term “composition.”
  • List 2 methods of manipulating graphic space (in the context of arrangement).
  • Give a brief explanation of the method “dominant vs. multiple.”
  • What is a GRID? How is it used in Graphic Design?