identify speech act

Identify Speech Act

Purpose: This is assignment is designed help you notice and name unique speech acts in everyday interaction. For this assignment you will identify and describe a speech act that is common among college students. Strong description will engage with course concepts and discussion, developing an interesting and/or innovative label of speech act (not taken from the readings) that is complex and intriguing.

Requirements: The total assignment should be 1-1.5 page (single-spaced).

For this assignment, you should follow these steps:

• Develop a descriptive name that characterizes the speech act (Note: You have to label the speech act you identify as accurately and/or creatively as possible to capture the social action or the social meaning it performs in interaction.

• Describe and define, in your own words, the distinctive features of the speech act that make it recognizable. Feel free to use the following questions as a prompt to help you discuss the distinctive features.

o If I were to look for additional examples of this speech act, what features of talk should I pay attention to or how would I know if I found one?

o In other words, what kind of words, talk, etc. make this speech act recognizable?

o If relevant, add information about contexts, frames, or identities that should be present in order to perform this act. (e.g., is this speech act typically associated with people of a certain identity or performed between people within certain kinds of relationships?)

• Provide three brief examples from personal observations of this speech act in social interaction. You can list the examples using the following basic transcription format:

Speaker A: A’s actual utterance

Speaker B: B’s actual utterance

Speaker A: A’s actual utterance

Each example should include at least three conversational turns (as shown above) and can involve multiple speakers. You also need to explicitly point out which utterance in this interaction, by which speaker, performed the speech act you named.

• Based on your three examples, explain how this speech act you labelled functions in interaction (e.g., providing a justification for one’s action, raising questions about the reasonableness of another person’s actions, or providing a disclaimer before making a negative comment about someone or some groups).

• General Expectations & Grading Scale:

o You are expected to complete this assignment on your own. Any assignment plagiarized from another student will be graded “0” and the student will be referred to the honor code office who will decide further consequences. You are expected to save a duplicate of their assignment that they can produce should a problem arise.

o Assignments are expected on time. Late assignments will be accepted but will be penalized 10% for each day they are late. Assignments must be turned in online by 6/24 midnight.

o Each paper will be evaluated on the detail, reasonableness, and insight of the assignment, as well as the quality of the writing. An excellent paper will include a carefully chosen speech act that is situated in the college student community, engage with course concepts, carefully describe the form and function of the speech act to show complexities and distinctiveness, and include excellent and nuanced examples.