Complete Portfolio Milestone and Complete Exploring Professional Leadership Syles –

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Complete Portfolio Milestone and Complete Exploring Professional Leadership Syles –

Portfolio Milestone Essay 1-

This week you will create a proposal for your Portfolio Project in week 2. (If you have not already done so, now would be a very good time to review the complete final Portfolio Project description attached below)

For your proposal, identify and describe, in 1 to 2 pages, a project that would require team execution – this would be a team that includes you as a participant. (You may use a fictional or real-life example of a project.) Identify the role(s) you would play in that team.

Essay 2: Exploring Professional Leadership Styles

For this assignment option, interview a colleague/mentor/manager whose leadership style we have explored in this class thus far and that you admire. First, create an outline of questions you will use to interview the colleague/mentor/manager. After conducting the interview, create a Power Point presentation that incorporates the following:

  1. The leadership style selected with definition and key characteristics
  2. The interview questions asked
  3. Insight gained from the interviewee responses and your analysis
  4. How you will incorporate this information into your organization

Your presentation should contain at least 10 slides or enough information(very detailed) for a 5-8 minute presentation. It should follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements, contain concepts from the reading materials, and apply to reality-based scenarios. You will need to include a references slide at the end of your PowerPoint presentation.

** Portfolio Milestone Needs to be completed by tonight. I will extend the time for essay 2!**