Technology Law – Assignment 11 – Terminology Reveiw –

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Technology Law – Assignment 11 – Terminology Reveiw –

Terminology and Review.Please use your own resources and put a reference to it.

My textbook is Technology in the Law Office by Thomas Goldman

Lectures from textbooks

Chapter 9

  • Explain the basic functions of office management software.
  • Describe the function of calendaring software in the law office.
  • Explain the importance of timekeeping software. Explain the importance of accounting records in a law office.
  • Explain the use of project management in the law office.

Chapter 10

  • Explain the reasons for the use of software in managing litigation cases.
  • Describe how case management programs are used.
  • Understand the functions of case analysis software, and explain its value to a law firm.
  • Describe the advantages of using timelines in litigation.

Chapter 11

  • Define the term discovery and explain the purposes of discovery in litigation.
  • Describe how the federal rules have been changed to address the discovery of electronically stored information.
  • Describe the procedures and time periods for discovery under the federal rules.
  • Explain the purpose and the expected outcomes of the attorney “meet and confer” rule.
  • Explain the rules governing what information is discoverable.
  • Describe the function and use of depositions.
  • Explain how the litigation team can protect privileged or confidential information under the federal rules, and describe how the team can protect against the inadvertent disclosure of such information.
  • Define metadata.

Chapter 13

  • Describe the electronic discovery process and the role of information management.
  • Describe the methods used to identify relevant information in e-discovery.
  • Explain the issues in locating evidence among electronically stored information.
  • Describe the issues that arise in using search queries in e-discovery.
  • Describe the role of a forensic examiner in e-discovery.