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Indian River State College Lincoln Historical Film Review –

I need a historical film review for the movie ” Lincoln” I need the Thesis statement highlighted. it has to have the reginal of the movie background explain. some of the instructions:

In this Discussion Post you will propose your film choice for your Film Review Essay.

Each post must include the following.

  1. The title of your Film, including year it was released (5pts)
  2. A background of the regional history at the time your film is set. For example, if I chose Dances with Wolves I would explain the history of the outpost but also a little about why men would be sent to outposts such as this during and just following the civil war. (40pts)
    • You must have at least 3 sources cited. One of them must be a primary source.
      • You can not use movie reviews as sources
  3. The theme of your film according to THIS LIST (5pts)
    Plain text link:…

Practice Writing a Thesis Options Menu: Forum

Your Film Review asks you to present one of the following two thesis statements:

  1. This film is accurate because ______A______, _______B_______, and ______C________.
  2. This film is inaccurate because ____________, ______________, and _______________.

In this assignment you will present your statement. This may change and evolve and that’s all part of the process. This is simply a practice exercise.

You will want to present your statement and then include a brief statement for each of your reasons.

For example using statement 1 with letters A, B and C. You could make your statement and follow it with a list saying “I believe A/B/C proves accuracy because ….” And then go on to explain your line of thinking. Focus on developing your reasons not presentation!