TOPIC 2 ASSIGNMENT: Interview Preparation –

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TOPIC 2 ASSIGNMENT: Interview Preparation –

TOPIC 2 ASSIGNMENT: Interview Preparation

This assignment is the first of a two-part assignment. In this part, Part 1, you will set up an interview with a small business owner and submit your interview plans to your instructor. Part 2 occurs in Topic 5, when you will share your notes or video from the interview.

Part 1:

For this assignment, submit your interview plan to your instructor for approval. In a Word document, write:

  • the name, position, and business of the person you will interview.
  • the time and date of the interview.
  • the mode of the interview (such as phone, in-person, or Skype).

Here are some tips for getting started with this project:

  • Approach the owner of a small business in your community. Be polite and professional in all your communications! Explain that you are a beginning business student interested in learning more about a local entrepreneur for a class project.
  • Ask the business owner’s permission to share the interview with your classmates. Let him or her know that the notes or video will be shared to a secure site to which only your teacher and classmates will have access.