Questions in requirements –

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Questions in requirements –

Answer four questions from 1 to 6. ONLY ANSWER FOUR QUESTIONS.

Instructions for Kathryn McNeil Case Study

Read the following questions and then read the McNeil case. As you read the case think about these questions. As a note, while technology has greatly improved since the writing of this case, this is still an issue that managers deal with regularly and so is important to think about.

Overview/Central Questions of the Case:

1. What is the overarching problem facing McNeil and the Company?

2. What are the sources of the problem? (Identify at least 3-4 main factors)

3. What are Charles’ responsibilities to Kathryn, and the organization? How should Charles balance these responsibilities?

4. What is the role of the merger to Kathryn’s situation? (Identify about 3 areas).

5. What would you do to solve the problem if you were Kathryn?

6. Who is responsible for the problem?

What should Charles do?

What about morale problems with the other employees as a result of this situation?

Other Questions/Issues you may consider:

These get at cultural and ethical issues. To add another perspectiove, see the concept “psychological contract” in your textbook.

What does Kathryn McNeil owe Microworld?

What does the company owe her?

Note: my book is “Organizational Behavior” by Stephen Robbins and Timothy Judge.

In case if you need it to use some concepts.