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Soil Survey Analysis –

You are to locate and research a county soil survey online using the USDA’s NRCS online web survey tool. Step one is to figure out how to use the tool. Start by thoroughly reviewing this page and the associated links:

Then download the document attached below (WSS_HomePage_HowTo_3.0.pdf, find this as a hyperlink at the bottom of this forum) for the specific instructions on how to use the tool. Once you’ve done that you can follow the instructions below to complete your forum.

After you are comfortable using the tool, then you will identify your area of interest (AOI) using a state and county that you are familiar with or have an interest in. In your post this week you must include, but are not limited to the following:

  • the specific name of your area of interest (AOI) and why you selected this site
  • an embedded map image ( from the soil survey tool ) that shows the location of your area of interest (AOI)
  • the year of the data that they are using to create the web survey, this will different for most locations but should be fairly recent.
  • the dates of any old archived (pdf versions) soil surveys from this area (found at:
  • a discussion about your area with a particular focus on the topic of change over time and how that might (or might not) have impacted the soil thinking about issues such as human alterations to the landscape via agriculture, development, etc., as well as things like climate change or natural disasters. This will obviously require research beyond the survey itself, that is just a jumping off point. This is where the archived survey will be useful, particularly if there is a really old one available that you can compare to now. You’ll want to go beyond these things for your discussion though.
  • You should have a 3-5 properly cited sources including the web survey, any archived surveys, and other sources you use for historical, demographic, climatic, or geological information about your area. Don’t forget to cite the source of your map.
  • And don’t forget to bring all points of focus back to the soils!

Minimum 550 words