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LEG500 Strayer University Value of Fair Treatment in Workplace Paper – timelynursingwriters.com

Assignment 3 Expectations

Assignment 3 – The Value of Fair Treatment in the Workplace (Worth 280 points)

Recommend 4-6 pages

You have been hired as a Management Consultant by a large company to examine the business decisions of the company in regards to employee protections. The laws applicable are federal anti-discrimination laws, federal health and safety laws and employer firing practices related to the employment-at-will doctrine.

Please note: Your answers must be based on the law, not on your feeling, biases or sympathy.

  • Analyze, identify and explain recent legislation, within the last 10 years, that helps to protect employees from discrimination in the workplace. Provide at least two federal legislative protections. Provide some insight when the federal legislation conflicts with the state. (Question worth 25%)
  • Explain the Employment at Will Doctrine and ALL the exceptions to the Doctrine.
  • Look at the scenarios below and determine whether the decision to fire the employee is a smart one based on the EAW. Identify why or why not and determine all the possible exceptions per the EAW Doctrine that is applicable, might be or could be applicable if the employee sues for wrongful termination. (Worth 25%)


    4.Determine the federal law in regards to undocumented workers and whether they are eligible for state workers’ compensation in the United States. Advocate for or against this practice and substantiate your response with research to support your position. (Worth 25%)

    5.Use the textbook and at least two (2) other scholarly resources for this assignment. Quality resources are course textbook, published books, academic journal articles, and expert report.Wikipedia is not accepted. (Worth 15%)

    6. Clarity, writing mechanics and formatting. Formatting and citations may follow APA or Strayer Writing Standards. There must be a reference page. (Worth 10%)

    Foundation from readings and class weekly discussions – Textbook:

    Jennings, Marianne. (2018). Business: Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment (11th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

    Suggestion on Dos and Don’ts


    • Start your Assignment early (Do not wait to start 48 hours before the Assignment is due).
    • Remember to discuss, and elaborate in your paper.
    • Discuss each question equally – for example do not write 2 pages for question 1, and 2 sentences for question 3.
    • Your discussion and arguments and answers should be based on your research of the law and facts.
    • I recommend that you put headings in your paper, so that it is clear where the answers to each question starts and stops.
    • Check your SafeAssign score after you submit your paper and, if your score has not populated right away, check back. It is your responsibility to meet the SafeAssign requirements.
    • Ensure you submitted the correct paper.
    • Use the help provided to you such as Grammarly and the online tutor.


    • Do not write an announcement in your paper, for example, “In this paper I will discuss the law on agency.” This may increase your SafeAssign score.
    • Do not write about your personal experiences in your paper.
    • Do not use irrelevant diagrams, charts or pictures in your paper.

    Keep Calm and Good Luck!