HMD407 University of Nevada Procedure for Hiring Employees Research Paper –

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HMD407 University of Nevada Procedure for Hiring Employees Research Paper –

Select a manager who directly supervises you. You will be interviewing your supervisor regarding employees the venue hires for standard positions, not the employment process you went through to become an intern. 

Complete independent research to support your discussion of the paper topic.  A minimum of three external sources from textbooks and/or UNLV Library peer-reviewed journals is required.  Please review the “Research Paper Guidelines” document for helpful tips for completing the assignment. 

Explain the procedure for hiring employees.  Discuss:

  • How openings are advertised
  • Procedures for interviewing
  • Selection process
  • Company forms that are completed upon hire

Explain the procedure for training employees.  Discuss:

  • Is training formal (i.e. – classroom) or informal (on-the-job)
  • Who is responsible for training hourly employees
  • How long is new hire training.

Explain the procedure for disciplining employees.  Discuss:

  • How discipline is administered
  • Procedures for terminating employees

Include the name, title, and contact information for the manager that you interviewed for the assignment

Submission and Formatting Standards

Attach a WORD document or PDF file for your submission. Please note the following paper standards:

Minimum of 750 words (use Word Count under Microsoft Tools to ensure your submission meets the length standard).  Submission Information (name, assignment name, etc.) or references do not count towards word requirement.

No typographical or grammatical errors


1-inch margins on the top, bottom, left, and right?

12-point font (Arial or Times Roman)?

Headings and, if appropriate, sub-headings used to help organize paper?

Introduction with thesis sentence and a “roadmap” that lets the reader know the subject of your paper?

Conclusion that summarizes your paper and reminds the reader what your paper was about?

Citations for any ideas not the student’s own are fully and accurately cited so a third party can easily find the original source (APA format). In-text citations and references must be presented for every source. 

If you have any questions, please let me know.