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BUS475 Week 8 Discussion and Response JW – timelynursingwriters.com

Should government be responsible for protecting individuals against hackers acquiring sensitive personal information or should this remain the responsibility of the company’s storing the information?

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The question is a difficult one to answer. Over all, it is the governments responsibility to protect its citizen from hackers that could damage or deteriorate the life of an individual. I believe that if they establish and implement regulations requiring businesses to meet certain cyber security criteria as a basis. Also, as things evolve in the field of technology, the regulations are subject to change which would require businesses to continue educating and training their employees such as required in the medical or dental field. Although I think businesses for the most part try to be as responsible as possible to safeguard their consumer’s information, I think the government has better access to that sort of information and research as they conduct international meetings with the elite leaders of the world and some of the most talented people working in the Central Intelligence Agency.