Final Exam Question (2 Essay Type Questions) –

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Final Exam Question (2 Essay Type Questions) –

Each question requires a full two page, response. You can double space.

Suggestion: Generally speaking there are no wrong answers – only weak ones. Opinion alone, no matter how passionate, is not enough to get an A on this exam. Use textbook examples or other media, to support your claims. Be sure to cite sources where appropriate.


1. What are the major issues that the U.S. government is facing in protecting its borders from illegal immigration and its citizens from domestic and foreign terrorist attacks? How have those issues been addressed?

2. Throughout the history of emergency management in the United States, priorities set for government emergency management agencies have been driven by the most widely perceived threat or hazard. In your opinion, is DHS’s current focus on terrorism the right area to be focused on, or should more attention be paid to natural disaster management?