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University of Chicago William T Grant Foundation Go Find Money Discussion –

Discussion: Go Find Money

I am writing about the William T. Grant Foundation.

The entire reason people and organizations engage in grant writing is to find money. Odds are, if you don’t need funds for a project, you don’t need a grant. Murphy’s Law states that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Additionally, there is the corollary law proposed by Locke, Spirduso, and Silverman that everything takes longer than you think, which means that you have to plan in advance.

There are many viable approaches to searching for and locating project funding, but the most effective are those that utilize appropriate technologies. With the specifics of your project in mind, look for RFPs using the state, federal, and foundation grants databases/search engines. This is an important step, so take your time in identifying grant providers that issue grant awards that align to your organization’s or agency’s specific cause or need related to your PAS.

To Prepare

Explore the Internet! Using the general topic of your envisioned Professional Administrative Study, please explore potential funding sources. The first few times applying for a grant, it may be hard to get a larger grant such as those listed. There will be a lot of competition. So keep that in mind. However, if you are having trouble, here are some popular places you may want to explore:

National Science Foundation

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Justice

Individual philanthropic foundations

Microsoft Foundation

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Robert Johnson Wood Foundation

Select a nonprofit organization or a government agency on which to focus your grant. This may be related to the research you plan to do, expansion on your PAS, or a similar type of project.

Using what you learned last week, identify several funding sources that you think would be a good fit for the nonprofit or government agency you selected.

Post a description of the foundation or agency funding source, summarize the requirements for application, and explain why the source may be appropriate to your envisioned study.

I am writing about the William T. Grant Foundation