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My course is Accounting HealthCare Organizations:

  1. Give three reasons why health care organizations need to generate and accumulate operating profits. Explain why profits might be preferred to other sources of resources (such as borrowing).
  2. Discuss two significant details of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.
  3. Why might a not-for-profit health care organization use fund accounting?
  • APA Format – with title page and reference page.
    • I would STRONGLY suggest that you use the APA Assignment Template that is located in the Additional Resources tab
  • Headings – one heading for each question (a brief summary of the question)
  • The overall length of your homework submission will vary, but it should be significant enough to fully answer each question; the length for each individual question will also vary to a great degree
  • Make sure you cite your sources AND, if you directly take words from a source, you must also put those words in quotation marks
  • Check your SafeAssign originality report after you submit your Homework Assignment and review it for possible issues regarding plagiarism.

# 2-3 pages

I attached the Assignment Rubric, Please focus on it.