Organizational Communication – Mobile App Case Study –

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Organizational Communication – Mobile App Case Study –

You have just joined the staff of a small start-up. The founder has asked you to recommend an app that will support their CLW, collaborative learning work, allow them to grow, and interface with some of their larger enterprise customers. The staff works in project team. The teams are dispersed from your office for different periods of time to work on different projects. The staff member may be part of more than one team at a time. The company needs to select software for mobile collaboration. What do you recommend?

Please select one tool for cloud based, mobile collaboration. Report on the following:

Introduction and app description, including source and pricing

Communication Processes supported

Real time synchronous and/or asynchronous

Intra, interpersonal, team/group and large group

Decision making

File sharing—for Written report preparation and oral presentation preparation collaboration

Interface, Data access channels for input—for example, voice, video, text, graphics etc

Personal assistant integration

Team and project management

Due dates



Meeting scheduling

Communication and data security—is data secure? Explain.

Conclusion–How does software support Collaborative Networked Learning and Collaborative Learning Work?

(your tool) supports CNL (and/or) CLW by………… Or,

(your tool)_supports CNL (and/or) CWL because it…….

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